Deck-raising Campaign Update #1

My idea about giving away actual sample decks had been met with both support and skepticism. I think it’s natural to protect one’s interests, so I figured that before I can convince people to support the cause, I have to start with cleaning my own backyard first.

So here’s what I’ve managed to build with my extra cards  – 5 copies of Light, 3 Copies of Fire, and 3 Copies of Wind. I only managed to make one of each for Water and Darkness during my free time, but my estimate is that I can create 3 to 4 more decks from the two attributes. So that’s around 16 decks ready for the next demo session. 😀 Most of the decks have 1 or 2 variations in card count, but they play roughly the same.

An interesting problem that came about was that I didn’t have enough of the basic Magic Stones. At the moment, I need 10 Light, 20 Fire, 20 Wind, and possibly 10 Water, and 10 Darkness.

If anyone in Manila wants to donate their excess basic Magic stones, I’ll be most grateful. You can contact me privately or on our local Facebook group.

In other news, the Tuesday weekly tournament almost pushed through, but we lacked one more player. The night didn’t go to waste though, as we’ve done some semi-extensive playtesting, and I’ve finally had my much-needed experience vs Kaguya control thanks to Alex (I lost 2-1 using Grimm). Sir Freddie brought his Pandora 2.0, but it still needed a bit more tweaking as it loses to a constant stream of Resonators despite Pandora of Light’s powerful J-Activate. I later saw him matched against Benedict’s Crimson Girl aggro, but I forgot to ask their results – I think it ended positively for Pandora. Finally, Alex and I had a quick match with my Bahamut Aggro, which was able to overrun Kaguya easily. However, it was just one game, and Alex told me that most of his answers to that kind of deck lies in his sideboard. Perhaps more testing will reveal who is more favored in that particular match-up

Finally, we had a bit of a talk about the deck-raising campaign, handling Pauper tournaments, and opportunities where we can showcase Force of Will to a wider crowd. It’s a long road ahead, but for now it’s time to call it a day.

Until then! 🙂


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