Deck-raising Campaign Update #2 – First complete batch, and TamaCon 2015

I’ve completed the first batch of decks from my own collection! So that’s 5 Light, and 3 for each other color. Still need to gather basic Magic Stones for these though, but that’s the easy part.

Tonight I’d like to talk about the convention that we’re eyeing for a big Force of Will promotion, and that’s Tamacon 2015. The con is basically a celebration of Japanese culture, and I figure that a Japanese TCG booth wouldn’t be too bad. It’s quite unfortunate that Neutral Grounds will be skipping on this one, as they’re concentrating on planning something huge on their side as well, but sir Freddie made it clear that he’s willing to support our effort should we choose to book a booth at the convention.

Should the stars align and we made it in, here’s what I was planning to do:

1) Get a number of volunteers to demo the game at the booth area. These will be either one-on-one sessions where we play while along while teaching, or 2-on-1 sessions where we let booth attendees play against each other while we teach and oversee their game.

2) Keep a log of booth attendees by having them sign up with their email and numbers. This will allow us to contact them for newbie-friendly, weekly events such as Pauper tournaments, Ruler tournaments, and even competitive events. I mean, how would you feel if instead of the spam/scam texts, you instead receive alerts from a game that you like?

3) I’m partial about this, but we can sell products there. Or maybe have single sales (give discounts guys!) at least? šŸ˜€

And here are the fun stuffs that we don’t have to do BUT will enhance the demo experience:

– Have someone dress up as one of the Rulers (e.g. Alucard), have him play an Alucard deck, and have a challenge-the-ruler event with prizes for the winner.

– Run a sort of “King of the Hill” scoring board where the newbies with the most wins from casual matches throughout the whole day get prizes.

– Set up a TV where we can showcase big tournaments and the community in general, play some tutorial videos, some showmatches, and generally hype people up for the game.

Well, that’s all from the top of my head. While it’s good to look far ahead, it’s also important too to make small steps forward first.

Until then! šŸ™‚


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