Updated Pauper Decklists for the Deck-raising Campaign

I’ve been tweaking the list for a bit to make deckbuilding easier, and for decks to have more variety (and opportunities for upgrades) by not containing too many copies of specific cards. Enjoy!

List of Pauper Decks


Ruler: Sacred Princess of Guidance / Lumia, Creator of Hope


2 The Emperor in New Clothes
2 Caterina, the Saint of Fantasy
2 Light of Lumia
2 Realm of Pure Spirits


2 Clothes Tailor
3 The Queen’s Butler
3 Pure Spirit of Fantasy
3 Seeking Sky Soldier
2 King’s Servant
2 Guardian of the Tower
3 Knight of Loyalty

2 Dream of Juliet
2 Breath of the God
3 Longinus, the Holy Lance
3 Silver Stake
2 Light of Hope
2 March of Saints

10 Magic Stone of Light


Ruler: Nameless Girl / Jeanne d’Arc, the Flame of Hatred


2 Stone Bowl of Buddah
2 Heavenly Feathered Robe
2 Rabbit Kick
2 Little Mermaid of Tragic Love


3 Knight of the New Moon
3 One-Inch Boy
3 Riina, the Girl with Nothing
3 Sleeping Rat
3 Shallows Giant Dolphin
3 Servant of Kaguya
3 Archer of the Crescent Moon
2 Squirmer of the Dark

3 Star Money
2 Rat Catcher’s Pipe
2 Witch’s Dagger
2 Voice of the False God

10 Magic Stone of Water


Ruler: Alucard, the Dark Noble / Dracula, the Demonic One


2 Neithardt, the Demon Knight
2 Elder Things
2 Necronomicon
2 Romeo, the Despair


3 Card Soldier “Spade”
2 Card Soldier “Club”
2 Servant of Vampire
3 Ebony Devil
2 Pumpkin Witch
2 Deadman Prince
2 Spire Shadow Drake
2 Vampire Bat
2 Whisper from the Abyss
2 Midnight Bell
2 Death Sentence from the Queen
2 Slipper of Cinderella
2 Joker’s Suit
2 Black Coffin of Vampires
2 Demon’s Curse

10 Magic Stone of Darkness


Ruler: Snow White / Bloody Snow White


2 Moon Night Pouncer
2 Rapid Decay
2 Purifying Fire
2 Wolf Haunted in Black Forest


3 Card Soldier “Diamond”
2 Hunter in Black Forest
2 Granny by the Fireplace
2 Murderous Snowman
3 Seven Dwarfs
3 Beowulf, the Blazing Wolf
3 Gliding Dragon Knight

2 Duel of Truth
2 Kusanagi Sword
2 Clockwork Apple Bomb
2 Poison Apple
2 Basket of Little Red
2 Big Bang Revolution
2 Red Hot Iron Shoes

10 Magic Stone of Flame


Ruler: Crimson Girl in the Sky / Little Red, the True Fairy Tale


2 Gretel
2 Realm of Evolution
2 Oz’s Magic
2 Oz, the Great Wizard


2 Elvish Priest
2 Heartless Tin Man
2 Brainless Scarecrow
2 Cowardly Lion
3 Porthos, the Three Musketeers
3 Wolf in the Sky
2 Elvish Bowman
2 Elvish Exorcist

2 Dragonslayer
2 Musketeer’s Bayonet
3 Evolution of Limits
2 Absolute Cake Zone
2 Crucifix
3 Silver Shoes

10 Magic Stone of Wind


4 thoughts on “Updated Pauper Decklists for the Deck-raising Campaign”

  1. Great idea of introducing such decks for new players. We’re trying (as a retailer) to introduce the game in the Netherlands. We’ll be keeping an eye on this website. Keep on posting any suggestions and tips 🙂


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