5 Essential Things to Remember When Starting out at FoW

So your boxes have arrived, and we’re all eager to open them and get our sweet, sweet Rs and SRs, but first, here are a few tips in starting out in Force of Will.

1) Pick up to three colors that appeal to you to start with (depending on your budget).

In a nutshell, Light has utility and support cards, and because of this it’s a good color to splash with. It’s essential if you’re playing Grimm because of Tell A Fairy Tale, but if you’re playing with it as your only color, the primary Race to go to is Humans. And speaking of Grimm, it’s ironic that he’s arguably the best ruler in the Block, yet he comes from the least used color. That aside, Light houses the infamous 1-turn killer that’s Rapunzel.

Water, despite being blue, doesn’t have counters. What it does provide in Grimm block is card draw, and a bag of other tricks such as forcing opposing resonators to rest or returning them to their owner’s hand. If you do want to go offensive with Water, the Wererabbits are the way to go. Blue also houses the much revered Kaguya, the supposedly queen of control decks.

Darkness is one of the best colors to start with, if you don’t mind spending a lot on SRs. It has solid removal in Stoning to Death, and a strong, highly-synergistic Race in Vampires. Alucard and Abdul are two of the best rulers in the block. Darkness also has the biggest resonator in the block in Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant.

Flame has direct damage, instant removal, and great offensive Resonators, culminating in the mid-range powerhouse Race that is Werewolves. Bloody Moon is great in this block because of all the dual stones floating around. Bahamut and Snow White are notorious for being able to J-Activate as early as turn 2 and can easily overpower an unsuspecting opponent. Also the best color for anyone on a budget.

Wind has counterspells, buffs, and resource acceleration. It’s a good color to splash in if you want to play big Resonators ahead of your opponent, while still being able to protect them with cards like Absolute Cake Zone. Their main weakness is the lack of removal, which makes it very difficult for them to handle Resonators like Hamelin’s Pied Piper on their own. The best deck to go with Wind as your main color when you’re starting out is the Oz Resonators with Crimson Girl in the Sky.

2) Collect all of the Rulers (or at least, the ones in your colors).

It’s great to have every Ruler at the ready, especially when the game’s still new and so much deck ideas are floating around. They’re also great sideboard material to improve bad matchups. For example, Christie, the Wind Tracker is great vs Vampires, Abdul is great vs Grimm, and Pandora of Dark is great vs control decks.

Plus they look great on your binder.

3) Try to collect the dual Magic Stones associated with your chosen colors.

The arrival of Dual Magic stones did a lot for FoW by making three-colored (or more) decks a possibility by reducing the chances of being color-screwed. As a side note, do get the True Magic Stones of your respective colors as well.

4) Trade as much as possible.

Not only does this get you get the cards you need without spending further, it also fosters a sense of community in your local gaming shop because it allows you to get to know the other players in your area. We don’t have a go-to price guide at the moment too, so it’s best to trade cards based on each other’s needs and interests as much as possible. That way, it’s always a win-win.

Generally, Rulers get the highest value, followed by Dual Magic Stones, SRs, True Magic Stones, Rs, Uncommons, and Commons.

5) Don’t expect too much competition at the start.

The first few months of a new card game is generally spent on learning the cards, interpreting the rules of the game, and community-building. It usually takes a bit of time before major tournaments happen and big prizes start being handed out (although FoW has already established a tournament structure which ends with the World Championship in Tokyo, it’s still doing its best to improve it), so until then, just play a lot, experiment, and spread the word to your friends. Competition will inevitably follow as long as the game steadily grows and people keep coming in.

So that’s it for now. May you have the best possible pulls from your packs, and have a great time with the game! 😀

Until then!


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