Know your Rulers Part 2

Last time, we have covered Rulers from Light, Water, and Darkness. Now we’ll finish off the list with Flame and Wind!


Falltgold, the Dragoon / Bahamut, the Dragon King

Here’s the thing about Bahamut, you can J-Activate him on turn 2. And if my interpretation serves me correctly, you can Banish a Fire Resonator even if there’s no legal target of Bahamut’s enter ability. This presents a high-pressure situation for the opponent especially if he isn’t ready for a 1000/1000 Flyer that can end the game in 4 swings (or less, if he has direct damage spells available). As Flame is full of cheap removal (Rapid Decay, Thunder, Duel of Truth), an aggressively-built Bahamut deck can operate on two Will sources, calling only a third when in need to cast Flame of the Dragon King.

The other way to play Bahamut is utilizing Falltgold’s Activate ability in a mid-range shell. In a Flame/Darkness/Wind combination for example, Falltgold has up to 8 targets to call (Gardea, and Gilles de Rais), access to counterspells and being able to ramp resources (Elvish Priest, and Gretel), and additional removal (Stoning to Death).

Bahamut’s one true weakness at the moment is Dragonslayer. But who plays that anyway?

In summary:

+ Preys on decks which can’t deal with a 1000/1000 Flyer on turn 2.
+ Great Ruler for aggressive and mid-range strategies.
+ Maximizes the damage from Flame of the Dragon King (800 damage is 1/5th of the opponent’s life).
– Dragonslayer!
– Mephistopheles stops him cold. Hopefully you have enough burn to finish the job.
– J-Activating early basically puts you all-in, and some decks can capitalize on that.

Snow White / Bloody Snow White

I ask the same question from my first article on her: How do you stop a 1300/1300 with Target Attack and built-in Removal on turn 2? If you play anything, she rips it off immediately. If you play nothing, she advances her field and pressures you.

My personal take on Snow White is that she shines as an aggressive deck because she puts in a lot of pressure with those huge stats, Target Attack, and the Activate Ability which turns excess Poison Apples into removal. This allows her to clear the field and make way for you other Resonators.

Snow’s not without weakness though, as a Human, she’s susceptible to Jeanne d’Arc’s abilities, and Purifying fire deals huge damage to her. Her J-Activate is dependent on when you’re able to draw a Poison Apple, so expect some games when she can’t even activate at all, but always try to mulligan aggressively for it nonetheless. Basket of Little Red solves this to an extent, but at the cost of 1 or 2 cards slots, and slowing down your offense.

In summary:

+ Biggest stats out of all the rulers in Grimm block.
+ Target attack allows her to pick off any Resonator.
+ Makes use of redundant copies of Poison Apple as removal.
– Weak against Jeanne d’Arc.
– Susceptible to Purifying Fire.
– J-Activation is dependent on when you get Poison Apple.
– No abilities in Ruler form.

Little Red Riding Hood / Little Red, the Wolf Girl

If you’re going the Werewolf route, Little Red’s a great choice since she can fully utilize Bloody Moon, and make swings in tempo and damage via her J-Ruler abilities. In essence, it turns every Bloody Moon (or Pale Moon) copy a into 800 damage to Resonator / 1200 damage to player card, in addition to the buffing your Werewolves and possibly destroying an opposing Special Magic Stone. That’s a lot of upside for a 3-cost card!

Therein lies her weakness though – she needs at least a copy of Bloody Moon to take advantage of her abilities, and it’s good for a turn. Also during her J-Ruler state, she has a very low DEF (200!). This makes her susceptible to things like Thunder and Duel of Truth. But just keep the coast clear and she’s going to swing the game (and the damage race) in your favor.

+ Turns any Moon into a 2000-damage swing.
+ High attack on par with Jeanne d’Arc.
– Very low DEF in J-Ruler form.
– Needs Bloody Moon to work.
– J-Ruler form lasts only for a turn.
– No other Abilities in Ruler form.


Puss in Boots / D’Artagnan, the Bayoneteer

In theory, a dedicated Musketeer deck can be really strong with Puss. First of all, they cost less. Second they have easy access to Pierce and First Strike. Third, Siege Warfare kills anything hands down. Fourth, Athos can be a huge threat all by himself, especially with Crucifix and Musketeer’s Bayonet attached to him. In fact, this is probably the best way to play the Musketeers – play all 12 copies, get some protection spells and Additions in, J-Activate, and let Pierce and First Strike rack up the damage. It’s a very linear strategy that can easily be disrupted by killing them before they can be protected.

D’Artagnan himself is quite powerful, having both Pierce and Target Attack himself, but his sorta-low DEF limits him to picking off smaller J/Resonators. Finally, the buff he gives to the Musketeers is HUGE.

In summary:

+ Musketeers become huge and unstoppable when you allow them to get buffed.
+ Siege Warfare kills anything.
+ J-Ruler form makes Musketeers huge killing machines, and Pierce + Target Attack is so, so awesome.
– Linear, inflexible Ruler that’s tailored to a couple of strategies.
– Beware the Emperor in New Clothes if you’re going the Addition route.
– Hard to J-Activate – needs a consistent way to search for missing Musketeers.
– Siege Warfare conditions are hard to pull off.

Christie, the Wind Tracker / Helsing, the Vampire Hunter

Christie’s main role is to be Dracula’s foil. Since she removes all of her target’s abilities, you can be sure that the Vampire ruler will be permanently dead. This makes her a very good sideboard card for that particular matchup since she doesn’t take much sideboard space, and it’s free under the right conditions. Her Ruler form isn’t too bad either, as her Activate ability allows you to draw cards with proper hand management. Because of this, there are a few successful ventures into making her a Main Deck Ruler.

Do take note that her J-Ruler Enter ability destroys any non-human J/Resonator, which makes it still good even if there aren’t Vampires, Werewolves, or Immortals around. It’s like having a 4-cost removal that’s readily accessible (and produces a 1000/1000 body to attack with).

Her support spells are decent as well. Silver Bullet turn her into a mini-Grimm of sorts, allowing her to search for Wind Resonators appropriate for any given situation. While this ability has limited targets at the moment. Remember that we’re only two sets into the block, and that there will be more Resonators to come that’ll help push this Spell to the top.

In summary:

+ Great against Alucard/Dracula
+ Silver Bullets is a very promising Spell.
+ J-Activate is almost always certain removal.
+ Good Ruler Activate ability.
+ Doesn’t require any Green Will, as long as you’re fighting the right Races, so she can theoretically fit in any deck that isn’t Ruler-dependent.
– No other abilities in J-Ruler form.
– Silver Bullet doesn’t have enough good targets at the moment.
– Decreased effectiveness vs Human J/Resonators.

Crimson Girl in the Sky / Little Red, the True Fairy Tale

“Oh, you’re not blocking? Alright, I’ll cast Poison Apple, Evolution of Growth, then banish Refarth – that’s +4000.” Crimson Girl is probably the queen of big damage and huge numbers – which is no surprise when she’s doubling any ability or effect that adds ATK or DEF. Because of this, the first kind of deck that comes in mind is the Oz trio (Cowardly Lion, Heartless Tin Man, and Brainless Scarecrow), who benefits greatly from each Achievement counter that they get. She works well with other Resonators outside of Wind too such as Tinker Bell, the Spirit, and Gilles, de Rais, the Golden Dragon.

Another way utilize her J-Ruler form is to build a deck with Poison Apple and Evolution of Limits in mind, along with Resonators with Swiftness. One copy of each, A Refarth in play, four Wills, and a careless opponent are all that’s needed to recreate that sentence above.

Or you can load a deck with lots of Additions ‘ala Puss in Boots and create one huge monstrosity.

That aside, she’s very reliant on Refarth for getting activated as soon as possible, since paying the cost manually is very slow and usually leaves her without any other possible play for the turn.

Finally it’s important to remember that she can’t be the target of Dark and Fire spells and abilities in her J-Ruler form, which protects her from Duel of Truth, and Thunder.

In summary:

+ Best Ruler for decks that rely on buffing their Resonators, or Resonators with buffing effects.
+ Very easy J-Activate with Refarth.
+ She’s can’t be killed by pure Fire decks, as long as she’s kept in Ready position.
– No other ability in Ruler form.
– Needs Refarth to J-Activate without effectively losing a turn.
– Stats are decent, but lean towards the defensive end (800/1000). 

And that’s everyone folks! Hopefully you all have a great opening weekend. I hope this guide helps in some way.

Until then!

Once again, much thanks to for the images. 


2 thoughts on “Know your Rulers Part 2”

  1. This seems like a silly question, but I just had to ask it 😛

    Can Falltgold/Bahamut banish abilities target fire resonators on the opposing player or only just your own resonators? Also I’m not too familiar with FoW rules, but does the banish occur upon resolving or does it banish as part of the cost to activate the skill. I’m familiar with MtG but I don’t quite understand these types of interactions in FoW yet.

    Great guide btw, the summaries helped a lot.


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