Just Some Silly Matchup Guide XD

Here’s a little match-up table I’ve made based from playtesting, and watching games. Now, this isn’t the most definitive and extensive guide around, so please do keep the following in mind as you browse:

1) Not all decks are accounted for. Rather the list features a mix of popular Rulers/decks and some brews from our local metagame.

2) Depending on color and composition of each deck, the nature of the match-up can change. Water/Fire/Light Grimm for example, has more threats than Darkness/Light/Wind Grimm, and probably have better chances vs Kaguya and Alucard.

3) Remember that changing your Ruler might affect the deck archetype you’re playing. If you side in Christie and some anti-vampires to your Puss deck, for example, you’re considered Christie control.

4) Not everything is tested extensively (like 20+ games) yet, though I’m confident that the popular match-ups are fairly accurate, having played those repeatedly enough in preparation for our local Open.

5) A number of these match-ups are fairly close, and will boil down to variance, tech cards, and skill of the players. Aggro matchups are more volatile, and tend to go either way.

6) Yes, that’s Pandora control dominating everything. 😛

Click image for full size.

If anyone’s interested in the tally of positive matchups each deck has, here it is:

Grimm Control – 5/9
Alucard/Alhazred Control – 6/9
Kaguya Control – 5/9
Puss Musketeers – 3/9
Christie Control – 2/9
Crimson GIrl Aggro – 3/9
Little Red Werewolves – 5/9
Bahamut Burn – 5/9
Snow White Aggro – 4/9
Pandora Control – 7/9

All in all, I can say that it’s a somewhat balanced (and widely open) field where you can pick a deck that you like to play, and possibly do well with it as long as you’re aware of which matchups are bad, and how to sideboard/play against them properly (e.g. don’t feed Resonators blindly to Alucard).

Until then!


7 thoughts on “Just Some Silly Matchup Guide XD”

  1. Would you be willing to post decklists? I’m curious as you’ve rated Pandora way more highly than our playgroups testing would suggest


    1. Sure Kevin, will post after our Open tournament on Saturday. 🙂 But what I can say atm is that it’s a 4-color Pandora of Dark, which is a nightmare in Game 1 vs other control decks.


      1. Cool thanks. I’ve been testing out some three color decks and she just seems “meh” compared to Kaguya or even Lumia.

        Looking forward to seeing the secret tech.


  2. I’ve posted my Pandora control deck in our FoW group. However I’ve changed my deck a bit and actually main decked AlHazred as my main ruler. Pandora although seeming to have had a great matchup in theory was really hard to play. In our Melbourne open trial event, my only loss came from a mistake in a game which I should have won. The last tournament I played it went unbeaten in three rounds but I had already put Al Hazred as the main ruler and put Pandora on the sideboard. The deck however remains mostly the same.


  3. That was the deck. next photo there was the sideboard.

    The deck has changed a little bit since then. -2 Vampire staff on the main deck and +2 Absolute Cake Zones in main deck. Al Hazred has also moved in as the primary ruler, and the two red white stones have moved to the side in favor of Grusbalesta and a red green stone.

    The deck doesn’t always have a good match up on game 1, but seems to do better after sideboarding.


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