Okay, Two Weeks of Catching up… Let’s Go!

In tradition of aspiring blogs everywhere, I utter the same timeless phrase:

Sorry guys for the lack of updates recently.

Because reasons. Here, here, and here.


So let’s play catch-up to the major things that happened during the past few weeks.

First of all, the Melbourne Open Qualifiers! Guess what, it’s Grimm vs Alucard in the finals! And what a great match too – Imman and JDJ faced each other in the swiss rounds, with JDJ winning it out 2-1 in three intense games, but Imman (being the champ that he is) made a comeback in the Finals where he ran it back 2-1, clutching out a tight game 3 with Gilles de Rais. Coming in at 3rd place is Alex’s solid Kaguya control. I landed at 4th with Puss, but I got there because Freddie can’t stay until the playoffs and I was next in line lol. Regardless, Puss didn’t do all too well, and I’m afraid I might be hanging his boots soon.

Reinforcements have arrived! J, and Jason have joined our weekend tournament last week representing the South! I admire these guys’ tenacity to brave the infamous EDSA traffic to get to Centris (that’s a good 2-3 hours of travel time, for the uninitiated), and they brought their A-game too, as they finished the night in 2nd and 3rd place with Bahamut Burn and Alucard Control respectively, both only falling to Freddie’s Alhazred Control and leaving the rest of us charred, or bloodless.

You can find the match-up log from both weekends HERE.

Finally, I get to demo the game at the PHantasya V, which is CIIT’s Art and Multimedia Exhibit, and to tell you the truth, it’s no easy feat. The game is good, and there are so many things to explain that I don’t know how Koko and Nicholai managed to do their sessions so efficiently. Zeb’s demo was concise, Freddie’s was informative, and compared to them, I probably look like a clown on his first day out as I try to juggle all the game concepts and explanations in my head and form something that resembles a tutorial out of them. Still, I guess I got some people interested, and if things went well, we’re looking into a great Sunday turnout.

So that’s it for now. Will be back to posting decks and such when I’m fully back to the swing of things.

And by that I mean finding ways to beat Grimm and Alucard.

Until then!


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