Grimm on a Budget

Let’s say that you’ve opened a pack, and that inside is the much coveted Grimm, the Prince of Fairy Tales. Your mind raced with thoughts of commanding an army of Fairy Tales into battle (and beating other players with them). Suddenly, a bit of doubt sneaks in: aren’t Fairy Tales and those fancy-schmancy spells that go with them expensive?

Pied Piper is the cheapest win condition around.

Well worry not friend, we’ve got the answer! Presenting F&F’s Grimm Budget list (with prices!):

4 Tell a Fairy Tale – Php200
3 Realm of Evolution – Php60
2 Voice of the False God – Php20
2 Dream of Juliet – Php20
2 Realm of Pure Spirits – Php40

4 Hunter in Black Forest – Php40
4 Tinker Bell – Php200
4 One-Inch Boy – Php40
3 Aesop, the Prince’s Tutor – Php60
2 Sleeping Beauty – Php100
2 Deadman Prince – Php20
2 Pumpkin Witch – Php20
1 The Emperor in New Clothes – Php20
1 Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess – Php100
4 Pied Piper of Hamelin – Php400

3 Magic Stone of Wind – Php9
3 Magic Stone of Light – Php9
2 Magic Stone of Water – Ph6
2 Magic Stone of Darkness – Php6

Total: Php1370

Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince – Php600+

The key to saving up on a Grimm list is that we cut any fancy Special Magic Stones thanks to Grimm’s power. We just need to find the right ratio of the Basic Stones needed in relation to the spells (or non-Fairy Tale cards) we are running in the deck.

The deck plays as a mid-range deck whose primary game plan is to pump your Fairy Tale Army via Realm of Evolution and Sleeping Beauty, and then do an alpha strike via Pumpkin Witch. The backup plan of course, is to win on the back of Hamelin’s Pied Piper controlling to opposing field while under the protection of Aesop and Realm of Pure Spirits.

And then there’s Rapunzel flying over the enemies’ heads and hitting for 1000 damage multiple times a turn.

So there you have it, a Grimm deck that doesn’t break the wallet.

Until then!


3 thoughts on “Grimm on a Budget”

  1. How would this deck fair now? What kind of changes would you add to it? Thank you for the budget idea though! Looking out for us poor guys XD


    1. Unfortunately, Grimm is tier 2 now. The latest sets haven’t brought huge upgrades, and most of the cards that the metagame revolves around aren’t Fairy Tales.

      That said, newer Grimm lists have to be faster and/or carry some sort of Shenanigans to keep up, for example:

      4 Tell A Fairy Tale
      4 Dreams of Wonderland
      3 Alice’s Castling
      3 Order of Sacred Queen

      4 Tinker Bell
      4 Little Red
      4 Hunter in Black Forest
      4 March Hare
      2 Granny
      4 Hamelin’s Pied Piper
      4 Gwiber

      6 Light Magic Stone
      4 Water Magic Stone

      This relatively cheap list uses Little Red’s Awakening to cast Gwiber on turn 3. You can also use Alice’s Castling on Gwiber to put Hamelin’s Pied Piper into play or vice versa. Finally, Order of Sacred Queen is a surprise win condition which punishes opponents who leave one non-Chesire cat blocker to defend.


      1. Very interesting deck list, I’ll research it, maybe proxy the cards and play test them. I realized most decks run Cheshires and you just can’t compete in terms of speed, like i feel in this game you simply need cards that draw to win, decks that put monsters one by one can’t keep up. Also, how does this deck bring out enough cards cheaply to reduce Gwiber’s costs? I’m sorry but I’m kind of questioning the speed of the deck but i think it’s due to my lack of knowledge of the resonators’ abilities. I came from a mono Green deck with Xeex, law of silence, cake zones so I feel really vulnerable to like Burn to Cinders, Flame king’s shout, and such burn/removal spells. Thank you so much for the help!


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