Four Thousand Damage On A Budget

Let’s start with a simple equation:

What’s [(1000 x 2) + 300] x 2?

How about 300 + 1200 + 2000 + 800?

Actually, it doesn’t matter. Those numbers go over 4000, and that’s the potential damage you can deal from nowhere with this Wind/Fire Budget deck. Just make sure to keep their doors open for attack.

4 Refarth, the Castle in Heaven – Php200
4 Evolution of Limits – Php40
3 Duel of Truth – Php30
3 Rapid Decay – Php60
3 Poison Apple – Php30

4 Hunter in Black Forest – Php40
4 Wolf-Haunted in Black Forest – Php80
4 Seven Dwards – Php40
4 Beowulf, the Blazing Wolf – Php40
3 Moon Night Pouncer – Php60
4 Oz, the Great Magician – Php80

6 Magic Stone of Flame – Php18
4 Magic Stone of Wind – Php12

Total: Php730

Crimson Girl in the Sky / Little Red, the True Fairy Tale: Php400+

Little Red, the True Fairy Tale is the Ruler that makes all of this happen, and it is necessary that she J-Activates to make the deck work at full power. Aggressive Resonators coupled with the threat of early J-Activation plus huge damage spikes puts the opponent on a very fast clock, where a simple mistake of not having a blocker or instant-speed removal can mean lights out for them.


4 thoughts on “Four Thousand Damage On A Budget”

  1. Hiya! I’m a new player and I am just LOVING your budget decks. Seriously, on behalf of all the casuals/ new players/ poor people, I thank you. I read your other Little Red deck and I was wondering if there is an updated version? I would love to play it but I’m scared my friend’s Sylvia burn/aggro/rush deck would completely run over me. More budget decks please!


    1. Hi Alex! We’re glad that you’ve enjoyed our lists. You’re right, some of the older lists like the Little Red deck are outdated but you’ll be glad to know that we’re working on updating those, especially with the exciting new cards that came out. πŸ™‚


      1. You replied! I was commenting w/ all kinds of doubt…thank you for replying! πŸ˜€
        I know you guys are busy but can you give me some advice? My friends that got me into FoW kinda chose the “better” decks to start off with while I bought a Pricia starter deck, I upgraded it to the best of my ability while trying to stay decently cheap. It’s resembles a tempo deck…I’ll annoy you guys with a deck list
        4 Zhue Que
        4 Qin Long
        3 Xuan Wu
        2 Bai hu
        4 Familiars
        4 Gretels
        1 Fruits of Ygg
        1 Djinn
        1 Behemoth
        4 horns
        2 Rapid Growths
        1 Beastly attack
        2 Sessei
        2 Xeex
        2 Refarth the wind castle (Havent tested but it’s meant to help against Sylvia’s burns)
        2 Cake Zone
        2 Law of Silence

        I know the deck is all over the place an the comment is ridiculously long but I refuse to lose to them and I’m using every knowledgeable source i can get my hands on XD If possible, do you think you can give me some tips on improving? Maybe some colors/cards I could splash in? Or would my deck no matter what not compete with Sylvia and Abdul? While I don’t plan on going to ARG or anything, I’m quite casual but I also don’t like to be curbstomped ahaha. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for replying!


      2. Hi Alex,

        I think Pricia has a decent matchup against Sylvia and Abdul. πŸ™‚ That said, you have to a) know the strategy of the deck you’re up against and b) pack cards, and play accordingly against it. Sometimes this means doing things that deviate from your usual Pricia game plan (e.g. just passing the turn to hold off Xeex and counter their turn 2 play).

        That said, here’s a list I think would work:
        4 Horn

        4 Zhue Que
        4 Quin Long
        3 Xuan Wu
        3 Bai Hu
        4 Elvish Priest
        4 Pricia (TTW)

        4 Rapid Growth
        2 Sissei
        4 Xeex
        4 The Beast Queen’s Counterattack

        +4 Pricia (TTW) – She’s another solid threat, and works well with Rapid Growth and Beast Queen’s counterattack. If the opponent’s not careful, she can kill from nowhere. I think she’s fairly priced atm, and is always a good choice for a beast deck.

        +4 Elvish Priest – these work as a complement to Horn if you didn’t draw it, enabling you to play important 3-cost beasts (and Pricia) on turn 2. You can also use the Priest to bait removal – cast it turn 1, on your opponent’s turn let’s say he casts Thunder on it. You then use the Priest to cast Rapid Growth to save himself, thus wasting the opponent’s Thunder.

        +2 Xeex – there are many relevant targets for Xeex now – Lancelot, Hera, Perceval, etc. If nothing else, you can use it to buff/save Pricia or your other beasts.

        +4 The Beast Queen’s Counterattack – acts as a removal and buff. Take note that it targets J/Resonators. With Rapid Growth and this, even Pricia can kill huge J-Rulers like Sylvia!

        Let me know if this works for you. πŸ™‚


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