Box-Breaking and You

Trading Card Games can be an expensive hobby, and FoW, at times, is no different. There are chase rares in every Attribute, and oftentimes cracking open a pack in the hopes of finding one can spell disappointment. So in order to lessen the costs, frustration, and raising the percentage of getting the cards which you need or want, we do a fairly simple process called box-breaking. Here’s how it works:

1) A box costs Php4800, which is a way better deal than buying individual packs at their regular price of Php160.

– Php160 x 36 (the number of packs in a box) = Php5760
– Php5760 – Php4800 = Php960
– Php960 / Php160  = 6

So you’re basically getting 6 free packs with every box. That’s on top of getting a 100% chance to find 4 Rulers in Crimson Moon Fairy Tale or 2 Rulers and 2 True Magic Stones in The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers.

2) Find two or more friends, and pick your colors (attributes).

– Ideally this is done with 5 people – each paying only Php960 to get all of the cards of the colors that they want.
– 4 people sharing a box costs Php1200/person, 3 would cost Php1600/person, and 2 people would cost Php2400/person

3) Be sure to have an agreement on the Dual Magic Stones, other Attributes, and other excess stuff beforehand.

– Excess cards are usually draft-picked, starting with the player who gets the supposedly least value from his color. Other methods can be used too, such as rolling the dice to determine the picking order.

4) Enjoy and Good luck!

– The rest, at this point, is up to luck! But at least you’ve eliminated the chance of not getting colors you don’t needed, reduced the cost of getting into the game, and have helped your fellow players with their needs as well!

– There are other modified forms of box-breaking too. Sometimes, players look into two or more colors and will only need a couple of other breakers to take the colors they don’t need. Others offer lower box-breaking costs per player, but they claim the Rulers, specific cards, and/or Special Magic Stones. As always, try to search for a box-break that suits your needs and always come to an agreement on how it will be divided.

Until then!


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