Valentina Shroud Insights and Deck List

Good day to everyone!!

Franz here! I am one of the new contributors of the site 😀 and I’m here to share with you guys about the deck with me and my friend Jolo Obinguar brewed for SKL, though TTW is just a month away we still see potential for this deck in the next cluster. Let me present you some small insight for the deck.

Initially the deck was supposed to be a Valentina Rush, which was inspired by a deck that Matt Kozomor brewed that he posted on the FoW US YouTube channel and on the FoW US Facebook group. But upon playtesting the Valentina Rush was not up par on the current meta here in the Philippines, Decks on our community constantly changes every casual tourney as opponents constantly scouts and finds ways to counter everyones deck.

My friend Jolo saw potential for the deck and insisted that instead of going for a Rush deck why not build a Tempo Deck. Was hesitant at first, but decided to stick with his advice and added a few tweaks. After a week of playtesting I was satisfied with my Valentina Tempo deck, until the weekly casuals which is every Wednesday. My friend Jolo built his own version of my Deck but with his own tweaks by adding a Set of Alice Soldiers and 2 Purplemist.

I was intrigued with the deck, he decided to brew, that constant shroud from Cheshire, Alice Soldier and Purple Mistst it was so OP!
Especially with the help of 4 Shangnri-la on the field, Only way your opponent can destroy this resonators are with Dark Purge and Aqua Tempest (though your enemy casting Aqua tempest would be an advantage on your side if you have laevatin)
I still see potential for this Deck for the TTW cluster, ill will however be using Valentina, the Ruler of Paradise as my Main ruler and Overlord of the Seven Lands, Valentina as my Sideboard Ruler. I will update my post once FoW finishes releasing the spoilers.

So without further adieu heres the Deck List


Valentina, the Princess of Love // Valentina, the Ruler of Paradise

4x Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
4x Alice’s Little Scout
4x Alice’s soldier
4x Hanzo Hattori
3x Medusa, the Dead Eye of Petrification
2x Little Mermaid of Tragic Love
2x Purplemist, the fantasy dragon


4x Shangri-La, the Paradise on the Ocean
1x Foresee
2x Sign to the future
4x Dream of Juliet
3x Gleipnir, the Red Binding of Fate
3x Laevateinn, the demon sword
Stone deck:
4x Magic Stone of Light Vapors
4x Water Magic Stone
1x Moojdart, the Fantasy Stone
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone
Side deck:
1x Blazer Gill Rabus
4x Demonflame
2x Flame King’s shout
2x Deathcythe, the Life Reaper
1x Marybell, the Steel Doll
2x Lunya the liar girl
3x One-Inch Boy


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