Just Decklist: #TeamMachina Finally Makes It!

This bit of good news may have been overshadowed by the recent results of the Masters Cup Qualifier, but it has to be told: Machina finally won a weekly local!

Fellow teammates 2015 Singapore AGP Winner Jonathan deJoseph and 2015 Philippine Nationals Finalist Paxi Alcantara collaborated together to make a fun, mono-Wind list that did very well at a weekly local just a day before the big event, beating eventual Masters Cup Qualifier Finalist JM and his aggressive Sylvia Knights along the way.

Here’s the list:

Ruler: Machina, the Machine Lord

Main Deck:

4 Clockwork Soldiers
4 Elvish Priest
1 Mechanical Sprite
4 Moonbreeze Elf
4 Wind Sprite
4 Gretel
4 Dark Machina, Gliding Shadow
4 Power Supply Team
4 Marybell, Insane Self-Aware Machine

2 Wall of Wind
1 Leginus, the Mechanical City
4 March of the Machine Lord

10 Wind Magic Stone

Side Deck:
4 Marybell, the Steel Doll
2 Wall of Wind
3 Foment of the World Tree
4 Wind Secluded Refuge
2 Sprint of the Beast Lady

The deck is quite flexible and can be played in a number of ways, one of which involves a turn 3 kill via ramping and using Machina’s Judgement. Paxi says that the deck is great against other aggressive decks, but loses its edge when facing control. It’s also unfortunate that Paxi was unable to pilot the deck on the big day as he’s testing another deck at that time (which made it into Top 8, but not Top 4) He’ll be writing a more in-depth article about Green Machina soon, but for now, it’s great to see that the machines are rising again.

Until then!


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