Catching Up on New Frontiers

Were you gone from the game during the months of Alice Cluster, but want some quick wins on that sudden, upcoming New Frontiers tournament at your local hobby shop without spending too much time or money on updating your deck?

Look no further, here are some of the decks that you can run and still beat people with at your locals.

Alice’s World

If you still have a complete  Alice’s World deck, you’d be glad to know that it’s still a dominant force in the New Frontiers metagame. There’s very little that you’d spend on rare cards too. A good start would be adding a copy (or more) of Black Moonbeam to punish opposing J-Rulers, thus patching up one of Alice’s World’s weaknesses.


Ruler: Reflect, Child of Potential/Refrain, Child of Convergence
4 Change the World, Orb of Illusion
2 Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica
1 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
1 Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
4 Elvish Priest

4 Morgiana, the Wise Servant
4 Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant
4 Gwiber, the White Dragon
3 Adombrali, the Unfathomable
3 Familiar of Holy Wind
1 Speaker of Creation

2 Sign of the Future
1 Wall of Wind
2 Robe of Fire-Rat
2 Alice’s World
1 Barrier of Shadows
1 Black Moonbeam

4 Ruler’s Memoria
3 Magic Stone of Deep Wood
2 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
1 Magic Stone of Moon Shade

2 Sign of the Future
3 Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
2 Hera, Goddess of Jealousy
2 Law of Silence
1 Pumpkin Witch
1 Barrier of Shadows
1 Glimpse of Kaguya
1 Black Moonbeam
1 Blessed Holy Wolf
1 Horn of Sacred Beasts


Before the dominance of Reflect, Bahamut was the most loved J/Ruler in the FoW community, and for a good reason – he can simply win games on the virtue of going first. For a short while, winning the dice roll was almost as good as winning the game, and it didn’t help that there were no answers to Regalia that time.

Currently, cards like Black Moonbeam and Barrier of Shadows slow him down significantly. But fear not, there’s a silver lining in that he gained access to stronger damage spells in the form of Blood Boil and Flame Trap. Not to mention that Arla and Artemis aren’t as popular now. Of course, if you want to play safe and avoid anti-J-Ruler cards altogether, side in Vlad during game 2 and watch your opponent wonder what do with all of those Barrier of Shadows in his hand. Finally, Enraged Knight is a good tool to have against those using X/Darkness dual stones, but if you think that they aren’t that popular, feel free to replace her with something else.


Ruler: Faltgold the Dragoon / Bahamut the Dragon King

4 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4 Excalibur, the God’s Sword

4 Hunter in Black Forest
4 Rukh Egg
4 Flame Sprite
4 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
4 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon

4 Thunder
4 Split Heaven and Earth
4 Blood Boil

9 Fire Magic Stone
1 Little Red, the True Stone

1 Vlad Tepes
4 Flame Trap
2 Purifying Fire
4 Enraged Knight
4 Robe of Fire Rat

Fire Reflect, Fire/Wind Reflect / Necrolance

I’ve categorized these three as Reflect Aggro, and to be honest, nothing much changed. If you remembered, these decks got weaker in the Alice Cluster, and New Frontiers is simply all about bringing them back into power with cards like Split Heaven and Earth and Pumpkin Witch. As mentioned above, you might want to look at the Fire cards Blood Boil and Flame Trap to upgrade your burn game.


Other than that, Bloodfire Dragon is probably going to be your biggest upgrade, as Reflect is the only Ruler at the moment that can cast it on its own on turn 1 (you chase Reflect’s +200/+200 ability to the dragon’s mandatory enter trigger, allowing it to survive its own fire). It’s no Cthugha in terms of speed, but it does have flying to get in that precious, early damage that will allow you to burn the opponent faster in the later turns.


If you want something janky, the Golem / Volga / Urthur combo might be right up your alley. Here’s how it works: you need to have two copies of Remote Control Golem in your graveyard (using Guinevere to discard them), play Volga, play Urthr, who takes the two Golems’ casting costs (thus allowing her to deal 4000 damage to a J/Resonator), and shoots Volga with it. Volga in turn, deals that much damage to your opponent. Voila! A free win!

Granted, it’s normally hard to put the pieces together, but with Reflect / Refrain’s abilities, Guinevere, and Rukh Egg in the deck, your only concern becomes finding the Golems. Outside of that, you can always opt to aggro your opponent as the default strategy.

Ruler: Reflect, Child of Potential / Refrain, Child of Convergence

2 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword

4 Bloodfire Dragon
4 Rukh Egg
2 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
4 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
1 Hector de Maris, Acolyte of Mad Demon
4 Cthugha, the Living Flame
3 Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame

4 Thunder
4 Blood Boil
4 Split Heaven and Earth
4 Ame-no-Habakiri

4 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves
1 Little Red, the True Stone
5 Fire Magic Stone

4 Flame Trap
2 Flame King’s Shout
3 Robe of Fire Rat
3 Elvish Bowman
2 Rapid Decay1 Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword

Regalia Decks (Cain / Valentina)

If you’re looking to (semi) solo your way through the rounds with an over-equipped J/Ruler, then you’re playing a risky game. As mentioned above, Black Moonbeam and Barrier of Shadows are popular, not to mention that Hera, the Goddess of Jealousy, and Deathscythe, the Life Reaper still makes it to some decks. Granted, there are ways to go around them, but for the most part you’re banking on the fact that the opponent can’t fight off an early Judgement. You’ll also have to aware of that new freaking bunny:


To some extent, this might pay off because realistically speaking, they only pack a total of 4-6 total of these cards in game one. But you’ll be facing in uphill battle in the games beyond that.

But then again, you might be able to catch everyone with their pants down. Who knows?

Ruler: Apostle of Creation / Cain, the Traitor of Gods

4 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4 Excalibur, the God’s Sword
4 Artemis, the God’s Bow
4 Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
4 Marybell, the Steel Doll
2 Horn of Sacred Beasts
2 Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo
4 Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X

4 Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail

4 Wind-Secluded Refuge
2 Ragnarok, the Divine Sword of Savior
2 Holy Grail

4 Ruler’s Memoria
4 Magic Stone of Heat Ray
2 Magic Stone of Blasting Waves

2 Holy Grail
2 Blood Boil3 Sign to the Future
4 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
4 Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame

In Cain’s case, he gets a lot of benefit from Excalibur X +400/+400 puts him out of harm’s way and makes him a lot more threatening, while protecting him from the early turns by making Removal spells cost more. These bonuses are also passive, and thus unaffected by Barrier of Shadows. Hopefully, this buys him enough time to be protected further by Wind-Secluded Refuge.


After sideboard, the opponent might side in more J-Ruler hate, so we diversify a bit by playing other aggressive, high damaging threats like Lancelot and Pricia, while packing a couple of Blood Boil to quickly close out the game.

Ruler: Valentina, Plotting Lord of the Seas / Overlord of the Seven Lands, Valentina

4 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword
4 Excalibur, the God’s Sword
4 Artemis, the God’s Bow
2 Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
2 Horn of Sacred Beasts
1 Marybell, the Steel Doll
1 Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo

4 Huanglong, Leader of the Four Sacred Beasts
2 Bai Hu, the Sacred Beast
2 Quin Long, the Sacred Beast
2 Zhu Que, the Sacred Beast
2 Xian Wu, the Sacred Beast

4 Blessing of Yggdrasil
2 Sign to the Future
2 Wind-Secluded Refuge
2 Fairy of Sacred Vision

4 Ruler’s Memoria
4 Magic Stone of Hearth’s Core
1 Magic Stone of Deep Wood
1 Feethsing, the Holy Wind Stone

1 Faria, the Sacred Queen / Faria, the Ruler of God’s Sword
1 Melgis, the Flame King / Melgis, the One Charmed by the Demon Sword
1 Arla, the Winged Lord / Arla, the Hegemon of the Sky
1 Pricia, the Beast Lady / Pricia, the Commander of the Sacred Beasts
1 Rezzard, the Undead Lord / Rezzard, the Desecrating Vampire
1 Machina, the Machine Lord / Machina, the Mechanical Emperor
1 Valentina, the Princess of Love / Valentina, the Ruler of Paradise
2 Fairy of Sacred Vision
3 Down the Drain
2 Black Moonbeam
1 Sign to the Future

On the other hand, Valentina gained a surprising ally in Huanglong as an alternate win Condition, which can catch a number of decks unawares. She also benefits from having Wind-Secluded Refuge, but she can’t doesn’t gain as much benefit from Excalibur X as Cain does, and she relies more on Regalia, so we have main deck Fairy of Sacred Vision to clear any stray Barrier of Shadows.


So that’s my list for now. If you have more decks that you’d like to add to the list, or have some great new tech that works well with old engines, then don’t hesitate to share them at the comments section below!

Until then!



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