Masters Cup Qualifier 6 Feature Matches

The 6th Masters Cup Qualifier gives us a peek at a world without Reflect/Refrain, and it looks promising! Despite the low turnout of 8 players (hey it’s something :/ ), we get appearances from 2016 AGP Philippines Champion Kenneth with his signature Gill Lapis control, a copy of the Yggdrasil Treefull Threat that made waves during the same event, BEST GIRL Dark Alice piloted by 4th Placer Andrei Pelayo, the CLASSIC Melgis Knights, Valentina Sacred Beasts, and…. VALKYRIE ALICE!

Be sure to check out the action in the playlist below, and please do subscribe for more updates from our channel (and so we can have a formal URL 😛 )

Apologies in advance for the audio problems in some of the videos. We’ll have it fixed in future content. Thanks for watching!


Champion: Kenneth Navarro – Gill Lapis Control
2nd Place: JM Alejandro – Yggdrasil Treefull Threat
3rd Place: Eugene de Villa – Valkyrie Alice Soldiers
4th Place: Daniel Vallesteros – Valentina Sacred Beasts

Until then!


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