About Us

Friend and FoW is a blog that delivers you the latest news and brews from the Force of Will Trading Card Game scene in the Philippine community.

Who’s Who in Friend and FoW?


Mik is the 2015 Philippine National Champion, local community-builder, tournament organizer, and owner of the Friend and FoW blog.

He tried out Force of Will as a way to get over the lingering, haunting pain that remains after the World of Warcraft TCG closed down in 2012. Mik had been on the lookout for a game with a similar feel ever since, so he did what almost every TCG player does in their downtime – go back to playing Magic. Despite a couple of PPTQ successes he eventually left the game (again). One fateful day, he stumbled upon a FoW demo session, and was instantly hooked!

In the blog Mik writes about deck ideas, competitive mindsets, and happenings around the local community.

You can contact him at meekopi@friendandfow.com


Paxi is the 2015 Philippine Nationals Finalist, tournament organizer, resident numbers expert here at Friend and FoW, and Mik’s teammate from their World of Warcraft TCG days.

Paxi was having a great time at Magic when Mik roped him into playing Force of Will. It took quite some circumstances for him to be fully committed to the game – his Magic friends not being as active anymore (playing Siege Rhinos for 8 hours per weekend finally got into them… probably), and the game being strategically similar to the World of Warcraft TCG. His leap into the game paid off when he placed second in his first major tournament – the 2015 Philippine Nationals, and he has been an active proponent in growing the community ever since.

In the blog, he writes more in-depth articles about certain decks and the numbers associated with them.


Franz occasionally writes about deck ideas from his playgroup, and plays an active part in the local scene as a community-builder and demo person.


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