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Rulings: Valentina and the Seven Kings

Welcome to a special post here on Friend & Fow which focuses on an important ruling that will be applied for the Philippine AGP (August 20, 2016). I would like to note that there is no rule change that caused this, rather this post is just to clarify any confusion about Overlord of the Seven lands, Valentina.

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Tournament: Masters Cup Qualifier 5

From Ludus Distributors

Announcing The Force of Will Masters Cup Qualifiers Month 5!

Join us this Sunday, July 31, 2016 at Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2 as we hold Month 5 of our journey towards the Force of Will Masters Cup!

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Interview: Jonathan deJoseph – 2016 National Champion

Considered as one of the best players in the country, Jonathan deJoseph has another title to add to his ever-growing collection of conquests: the 2016 National Champion. Known in the Southeast Asian Community for winning the 2015 Singapore Area Grand Prix and popularizing the Knights of the Round in the process, he’s set up himself once again for another shot at the World Championship in Japan this September.

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Cardshop-Fireball: One-Stop Shop For Your TCG Needs

(Featured image from Otakumode Source=

Hey guys, it’s me again! long time no see LOL!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here! Been busy in College lately. Last week I went to Japan for summer vacation. While in Japan I decided to snick in to my itinerary a trip to Cardshop-Fireball in hopes to purchase FoW merchandise.

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Latest in FoW PH: Singapore AGP, Rankings, and the Masters Cup!

Hi guys, here are the latest news from the PH front of Force of Will!

First up, the Singapore Area Grand Prix has been officially moved to April 30, 2016. The venue still hasn’t changed (Bugis+ Mall) but the entry fees and other registration details have yet to be announced. Tune in to the Force of Will Players Singapore page to check out the latest updates on Southeast Asia’s first AGP of the year!

If you’re lucky, you can even get to watch a live e-sports event at the top floor of the mall.

In the local news, Raphael Guevarra still leads the latest local rankings update this week at 14 points – putting him miles ahead of the 6-point three way tie among ┬áJM Alejandro, Kenson Yu, and Jonathan deJoseph. For those who aren’t aware of Raph, he’s tournament organizer and player who handles Force of Will weekly events at Neutral Grounds Examiner and Neutral Grounds Spiel, and is arguably the best player locally at the moment, given his recent records within the past few months. From the looks of it, he’s just getting started, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The biggest news since the R/R errata has arrived in Manila in the form of the Force of Will Masters Cup announcement! The cup is a series of eight monthly tournaments starting from March until October which culminates into a big end-of-the-year tournament in November, and will be the Philippines’ premier competitive circuit for the game.

The winner of each monthly cup qualifier gains a round 1 bye in addition to a lot of prizes which includes promo cards, playmats, and a copy of the official art book! The details for the main event in November hasn’t been revealed yet, but the prizes are said to be worthy of a grand finale.

You can find the original post by Ludus Distributors here.

The first qualifier starts this Sunday, March 27, 2016 2pm at Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2.

Until then!

More Places to FoW!

Great news everyone! Two more stores have gotten into Force of Will!

Cubao-based Urban Legend Hobby Store has started its weekly tournament every Thursday (which used to be the only FoW-free day of the week – well, not anymore!) at 3pm. You can find the store at 2/F Spark Place Building P. Tuazon Blvd. corner 10th Avenue, Cubao.

On the other hand Taft-based Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop has stocked up on their FoW supplies for all aspiring Lasallian, Benildean, or Scholastican Rulers. Their tournament schedule isn’t up yet, but they have more than enough product to cater to a large playgroup. You can find the store at Unit 206 2/F D’ Students Place 2488 Taft Ave Corner Estrada st. Malate, Manila. (Edit – Starting February, tournaments will be held on Mondays at 2pm)

Hoping to see more Rulers this 2016!

Looking for other places to play Force of Will? Check out our weekly tournament schedule page.

Photo by Michael Ongkeco