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2016 Philippine Area Grand Prix Top 8 Decklists

Reflect who? Southeast Asian Rulers continue to baffle their Western counterparts as only one Reflect deck out of five managed to break through the 28-man melee that happened last weekend. Meanwhile, the World Tree sneaked in and took half of the Top 8 spots as the breakout deck of the event, with three players having similar lists.

In the end however, true to his name and just like in the lore, the Primogenitor won the whole competition, piloted by probably the best new player in the local scene this year, Kenneth Navarro.

Congratulations to everyone!

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Latest in FoW PH: Singapore AGP, Rankings, and the Masters Cup!

Hi guys, here are the latest news from the PH front of Force of Will!

First up, the Singapore Area Grand Prix has been officially moved to April 30, 2016. The venue still hasn’t changed (Bugis+ Mall) but the entry fees and other registration details have yet to be announced. Tune in to the Force of Will Players Singapore page to check out the latest updates on Southeast Asia’s first AGP of the year!

If you’re lucky, you can even get to watch a live e-sports event at the top floor of the mall.

In the local news, Raphael Guevarra still leads the latest local rankings update this week at 14 points – putting him miles ahead of the 6-point three way tie among ┬áJM Alejandro, Kenson Yu, and Jonathan deJoseph. For those who aren’t aware of Raph, he’s tournament organizer and player who handles Force of Will weekly events at Neutral Grounds Examiner and Neutral Grounds Spiel, and is arguably the best player locally at the moment, given his recent records within the past few months. From the looks of it, he’s just getting started, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The biggest news since the R/R errata has arrived in Manila in the form of the Force of Will Masters Cup announcement! The cup is a series of eight monthly tournaments starting from March until October which culminates into a big end-of-the-year tournament in November, and will be the Philippines’ premier competitive circuit for the game.

The winner of each monthly cup qualifier gains a round 1 bye in addition to a lot of prizes which includes promo cards, playmats, and a copy of the official art book! The details for the main event in November hasn’t been revealed yet, but the prizes are said to be worthy of a grand finale.

You can find the original post by Ludus Distributors here.

The first qualifier starts this Sunday, March 27, 2016 2pm at Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2.

Until then!