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New World, Old Strategies

Tomorrow heralds a new era as love it or hate it, Reflect / Refrain is banned from New Frontiers. At the same time, the Grimm Cluster is rotating out in few a days, so that leaves us somewhat stuck in an Alice Cluster format with the ban in effect at the moment (unless of course, your local gaming store insists that they milk every last ounce of Grimm goodness, in which case, be prepared for the worst deck ever), which is exactly what’s happening at our local shores.

This leaves the big question: where do we go from here? Here are some decks for the Alice cluster that either thrived even during the dominance of R/R, or are made relevant once again in its absence, and are great starting points heading into the next cluster as they have proven themselves competitively.

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Tournament: Masters Cup Qualifier 5

From Ludus Distributors

Announcing The Force of Will Masters Cup Qualifiers Month 5!

Join us this Sunday, July 31, 2016 at Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2 as we hold Month 5 of our journey towards the Force of Will Masters Cup!

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